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The Upcoming Destash Events

We hope you all have been keeping safe and occupied during the last few months and the crazy times and chnages that have come about due to COVID – 19 and its impact upon us all.
I have missed greatly talking to you all and going home hoarse at the end of an event as I get to hear about your projects and those that you have been helping out with.

We have two events coming up this month and as you know normally they sell out so fast I have a wait list for any cancellations to get you in to destash.
Well this time around I am at a LOSS as we have very low numbers attending yet we have high visibilty witht e folllowing data.
Reach on FB 25089
Weekend Notes 2301 for Rockingham
Weekend Notes 4052 for Mundaring
Now these are great numbers that want to attend to buy buy and buy.
So can you all help me out with the WHY we do not have sellers.

COVID Safety Plans form part of every event, and with great success with how it had to be at the artisans market 8 days ago, I got dubbed the sanitiser nazi as not one got past the door without using.

RISK MANAGEMENT PLANS are also part and parcel of each one.

NUMBERS through the door per square meter and social distancing layouts are part and parcel of running these as well.

COVID training for myself and anyone dealing with food is a must, and first aid officer is also on site.

I could go on and on about what goes on behind the scenes but none want to hear about that, what you want to hear is that your health and safety COVID times or pre COVID times where always top of my list and will always be.

So if you have been thinking about booking, these are the links to Rockingham LINK and Mundaring LINK and Mundaring also has its first Upcycled Market as well and can be applied HERE

If your not ready to get back to destash let me know why as this also has a bearing on the events for the rest of the year, or if you still want to destash then book in fast as Rockingham is the 13th and Mundaring the 26th.

Lots of air hugs (yep were missing those hugs as well)