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Well we are just 17 days away from our first event back since COVID – 19 shut us down.

We have had to cancel way to many events ths year and I have missed you all a lot and missed your tales about your crafting expoloits and your amazing finds.

So without much ado I hope you have the 26th September marked on your callender to get up to Mundaring for our first downsized destash and upcycled market.

We have 40 destashers and at time of writing this 6 upcyclers for you to check out, the upcyclers make childrens clothing, hair accesories, womens clothing and some amazing pieces for you to enjoy. Our destashers have everything from beads, scrapbooking supplies, fabrics, yarns, machines, doll making items, threads and so much more.

We open at 9.30am and close at 2pm, social distancing, hand sanitizer and number restrictions are in play and if we have to the doors will be bared when numbers hit our max.

See you at Mundaring Church of Christ at 1470 Stoneville Rd Mundaring, and remember to bring cash and card to spend spend spend and then get back to creating.