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Did you know that today we turned four years old?

And wow what an amazing journey it has been.

We have met so many amazing men and women, we have seen so MUCH and I mean MASSIVE amounts of fabric, patterns, sewing machines, threads, yarns, beads, findings, stamps, papers and craft supplies pass through the doors.

As we turn four I reflect on that crazy idea I had at a sewing day I held in my home when I said “what do you all think of being able to buy craft supplies all in one space, the old pieces, the unloved pieces, the I am never going to use this weird bit, say at a venue like a swap meet but organised” and the ladies said do it, and the destash began.

Four years later we have had a sell out venue at every event, we have fit 50 plus sellers destashing into each venue we have used from Bunbury to Mundaring to Toodyay.

We have helped many amazing groups with materials being supplied, and I have to say WOW when I ask you all you all deliver and I get to go home (to then deliver) a car full of goodies. I still remember the call out to help Comfort Quilts for Cancer, and the amount of fabric, threads, wadding and completed quilts that came in, I even drove to Kalamunda to pick up three completed ones that had me in tears for this beautiful ladies generosity.

I am hanging out like you all for the Hills Fabric and Craft Destash to be back (yes when the pandemic is over, a vaccine is sorted and the all okay to operate is given).
I also can not wait for us all to get into the UpCycled Market concept that we launched just before all what felt like the world stopping, I feel we will see a change happening in how we do everyday living from fruit and veg being home grown more, recycling being the norm, upcycling being encouraged, the old arts of sewing, crochet, stamping, pottery etc being seen as amazing and taught more (Yes we all know they are not just great but fantastic).

Now those that know me understand I can warble when I get writing so on that note (over my shoulder) I am signing offfffff and getting back to basics.

Take care all my beautiful ones and see you sometime soon xoxo Fleur